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Our Friends


                                    THE EAST BRIDGEWATER COMMERCIAL CLUB GIVES BACK TO THE COMMUNITY.....                                                 


                              Here are some of the recipients the Club has donated to:                                       


 Jenna Figuerido Scholarship

 East Bridgewater Kiwanis Club

 East bridgewater Little League

 Old Colony Elder Services

 East Bridgewater High School

 New England Navigators Baseball

 Avon Foundation Cancer Walk

 Shayna Smith Toolship SEVoTech

 Ben Coots Toolship SEVoTech

 East Bridgewater Lions Club

 Y.M.C.A. Strong Kids Campaign

 East Bridgewater Music Parents

 East Bridgewater Youth Football

 East Bridgewater Varsity Cheerleaders

 Autism Speaks

 East Bridgewater Visiting Nurse Association

 Lt. Robert Cabral

 Susan Plante Memorial Fund

 Skyler Spagone Memorial Fund

 Home for Little Wanderers

 East Bridgewater Public Nursing

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